A Decade of Diagold

To empower women as much as women empower us — this is everything about A Decade of Diagold.

From day one, it is our vision to build a brand for women who embody strength, power, and integrity. Yet through the years, we learned that it is women who raised our brand to a standard, and brought us to where we are right now. Ten years taught us to have faith in the power of women, as much as they put their trust in our name in terms of premier and world class jewelry.

As a movement, women empowerment paved way for redefining gender roles and teaching women to reclaim what should be theirs. Through the painstaking effort in the process of correcting imposed beliefs, a new sophisticated class of women emerged. New labels are coming through. Girl bosses. Trailblazers. Homemakers. Wunderkinds. Beyond the buzzwords, the identity behind these women create the fundamental groundwork for our brand. We take inspiration from them, then work to become an inspiration for them.

Diagold Jewelry does not aim to be a mere premier jewelry store. For ten years, each of our jewelry sold tells a story of its wearer. We are backed by women whose strength humble us to become more, as a brand, and as people behind this brand.

Website: diagold.com.ph

Facebook and Instagram: @diagoldjewelry