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Remy Martin Louis XIII

Description Remy Martin Louis XIII worth P140,000.00. Starting Bid: P70,000.00 Bid on this item

Globe Platinum iPhone XS Max

Description Globe Platinum iPhone XS Max with the Platinum Plan 3799 for 12 months valued at 143,000.00 Starting Bid: PHP50,000.00 Bid on this item

Escada Bag

Description Escada “Heart” bag, medium sized, made in Italy valued at P80,250.00. Starting Bid: P40,000.00 Bid on this item

Cravings Catering

Description Catering for 50 persons worth P250,000  (block out date on Christmas) and floral styling worth P75,000 (stylist’s choice of florals depending on the theme). Starting Bid: P150,000 Bid on this item