Shangri-La at the Fort, Manila introduces a new restaurant in its growing collection of dining destinations: Canton Road.

Canton Road represents the face of modern Cantonese cuisine, with a rich assortment of regional specialties and signature roast barbequed meat. The cuisine of Huaiyang is also woven into the menu offering: historically rich as the most prestigious cuisine in the Jiangsu province, and also distinctive in its slightly sweet flavor and delicate, intricate presentation. This blend of Southeastern and Eastern Chinese cuisine has not only adapted to the times in terms of contemporary presentation but has also managed to stay true to its treasured heritage.

The restaurant interiors, designed by Hong Kong based design firm Steve Leung, are infused with celadon and violet shades in subtle floral and geometric patterns. Rich geometric fabric panels balance the use of brass, onyx and glass in all areas. The main dining hall is awash with natural lighting and seats up to 88 persons at a time, with guests having a choice of dining at the center tables or tucked in plush couches.

Guests who prefer privacy have a choice of dining in any of eight private dining rooms, the biggest of which can seat up to 28 guests at a time.

As with the restaurant name, each private dining room is named after an iconic street in Hong Kong: Kowloon, Peking, Nathan, Mody, Salisbury, Admiralty, Austin, and Granville. All rooms are equipped with private pantries.

Wang Wei Qing, Executive Chinese Chef

Chef Wang

Prior to joining Shangri-La at the Fort, Manila as Canton Road’s executive Chinese chef, Chef Wang was previously employed at another luxury hotel in Shanghai, China, where he held the position of Chinese sous chef. Before that, he was the chef de cuisine in charge of the Chinese kitchen at Shangri-La Hotel, Fuzhou in 2004.

Chef Wang has accumulated a wealth of experience with over two decades behind the kitchen. He has perfected cooking traditional Cantonese dishes, as well as Fujian-style dishes. He aims to present Chinese cuisine that represent the best of both worlds by adding a modern take on traditional cuisine expressed through his meticulously prepared dishes.