World Traveller The Smart Choice

Inspired by the influx of business and leisure travelers in the 1980s, World Traveller was founded in 1989 as a men’s travel accessories brand. Reflecting the brand’s core mission of inspiring people to explore the world, World Traveller launched its first-ever luggage collection in 1989 and the rest is history.

Today, World Traveller is a full-fledged travel luggage and accessories brand well-loved by young professionals and tourists alike for its wide range of travel bags and accessories that are functional, world-class quality at an affordable price. World Traveller enables its market to always make the smarter choice starting with its products that are cost-effective and reliable, allowing the traveller to create new and invaluable experiences.

What’s your destination?

Whether it’s a three-day shopping extravaganza in Singapore, a five-day food journey through Tokyo, or an eight-day business trip to Toronto, World Traveller serves as a guide to choosing which luggage size and design will be most suitable for one’s destination.

What’s your budget?

When choosing the perfect luggage, budget also plays a crucial role in one’s decision-making. Luckily for everyone, at the heart of World Traveller is its goal to provide affordable yet high-quality luggage and travel accessories.

What’s your preference?

 When going on a trip, there’s a lot to be considered in terms of the nature of one’s journey. Most importantly, one’s luggage must have the necessary features that our distinct lifestyles and preferences require. With World Traveller, there’s no need to stress over long lists of product features as it highlights relevant key features of its products.

What’s the occasion?

 Holidays and special occasions are the best time to travel. As such, World Traveller will also be coming up with smart suggestions that will make luggage shopping for upcoming trips easier but well-thought out!

World Traveller ultimately aims to help make traveler’s luggage-shopping experience simple and enjoyable. To know more about World Traveller, follow @worldtravellerglobal on Instagram and Facebook.

World Traveller is available at The Travel Club, Flight 001, The SM Store, Sportmart NAIA Terminal 3 and WMall outlets nationwide. Also available online at Zalora and Lazada.